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Ransomware Exploiting VMWare Vulnerability Affected Servers in Europe and North America

February 17, 2023 by Itay Glick
A recent wave of ransomware attacks is powered by a two-year-old VMWare vulnerability. The attacks affected thousands of organizations around the world,...

New MetaAccess Zero-Trust Access Platform Features: Compliance with Emerging Regulatory Environments

February 06, 2023
The MetaAccess Zero-Trust Access Platform is continuously expanding its capabilities. In the most recent release, several important features were added to the...

Updates to the MetaAccess Platform

December 21, 2022
New updates to the MetaAccess Platform arrive at a rapid pace. This past month, the already powerful platform received several important features that enhance...

MetaAccess Playbook: An Advanced and Evolved Feature for Compliance and Security Issues

November 10, 2022 by Russ Miller
When a new feature is released in MetaAccess, it is always fun to think about how many ways it can be leveraged as part of vetting it. MetaAccess’ powerful and...

MetaAccess Adds Support for Custom Compliance Playbooks

October 24, 2022 by Russ Miller
While MetaAccess has a deep and wide set of compliance checks out of the box, at times, organizations with network access control solutions have unique or...

Are HTML5 VDI Solutions Secure Enough for Financial Institutions?

August 08, 2022
Many Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solutions offer both a native client and an HTML5 alternative, the latter of course having the advantage of not...

Announcing TLS 1.2 requirement for MetaAccess

February 02, 2021
Here at OPSWAT we are continuously updating our products to stay up to date with the latest technology, security, and industry best practices.  Keeping with...

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