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F5 + OPSWAT Reseller Advantages

June 08, 2020
You have probably heard about the new OPSWAT Channel Partner Program, but have you heard about our initiative to add a limited number of additional F5...

Using OPSWAT to Manage Confidentiality for your Zoom Meetings

May 18, 2020
There are many organizations and individuals that create their own encryption schemes. While there are security advantages to using a custom scheme, the...

Defending Against COVID-19 Related Cyberattacks

April 02, 2020 by Alin Ghitulan
In difficult times, when the world experiences major disruptions like a pandemic, people become irrational, at many times acting out of fear rather than their...

An Overview of OPSWAT File-based Vulnerability Detection

March 18, 2020 by Hai Nguyen
A vulnerability in a computer system is a weakness that an attacker can exploit to use that system in an unauthorized way [1]. Software vulnerability, in...

Privilege Escalation to System User on Windows 10 using CVE-2019-1405 and CVE-2019-1322

February 07, 2020
Privilege escalation is a type of exploit that provides malicious actors with elevated access rights to protected resources in an application or operating...

Multiscanning – Making Sense of the Numbers

December 10, 2019 by Nelson Nguyen
Reports by antimalware companies claim that they are seeing hundreds of thousands of brand-new unique malware samples every day. For example, Symantec reported...

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