Celebrate National Online Learning Day with OPSWAT Academy

Online learning has demonstrated itself as a valid alternative to face-to-face learning. Offering better flexibility, course variety, and reduced costs, online courses are getting increasingly popular in many fields.

Online courses are an incredible way to help organizations train cybersecurity specialists with in-depth knowledge of critical infrastructure protection (CIP) cybersecurity. OPSWAT Academy is the premier CIP certification provider and an e-learning platform that offers IT/OT security certification paths. Here is how we help individuals to become cybersecurity experts.

OPSWAT Academy: Become a Leader in ICS Threat Detection

OPSWAT Academy's e-learning solution helps to solve the shortage of cybersecurity professionals by offering courses promoting best practices and the latest advances in CIP. All courses are created by industry leaders with a proven track record, and they include easy-to-understand examples of cybersecurity measures that work.

OPSWAT Academy is for everyone, whether you have prior knowledge of cybersecurity or not. Newcomers will find it easy to get started, while intermediate students can find the advanced courses they need to advance in their careers.

Why Choose OPSWAT Academy for Cybersecurity Training?

OPSWAT Academy offers a wide range of benefits to learners, cementing its position as the top e-learning platform for CIP Cybersecurity.

A Quick and Flexible Mode of Learning

All courses at OPSWAT Academy are not date-based. Students can take however long they like to finish a course, and they can learn whenever they want. There is no deadline nor pressure to finish a course on time, eliminating unnecessary stress that can impede learners’ progress.

Courses on the Latest Technologies and Knowledge in the Field

Cybersecurity is a never-ending race between experts and malicious actors. For this reason, organizations must apply innovative technologies to prevent cyber criminals from getting an edge over them. OPSWAT Academy keeps its knowledge base up to date to make sure that no security breach will be possible.

Interactions-Based Courses that Help with Knowledge Acquisition

All courses offered by OPSWAT Academy feature interactive lessons, helping users to concentrate and to absorb latest knowledge more effectively. At the end of each lesson is a short test to make sure students have firmly grasped its content.

OPSWAT Academy incorporates online learning into a smart platform to deliver state-of-the-art cybersecurity technologies to not just specialists but also newcomers. What better way to celebrate National Online Learning Day than to start with a course at OPSWAT Academy? Register now to begin your journey to become a cybersecurity expert!

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