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Enhanced protection for your on-premises and cloud storage with MetaDefender for Secure Storage v2.0.7

Product Overview

MetaDefender for Secure Storage offers a robust layer of protection for securing stored enterprise data from data breaches, downtime, and compliance violations in cloud and on-premises storage and collaboration solutions like OneDrive, Box, Amazon S3, Cloudian, and Dell EMC.

It leverages multiple OPSWAT technologies to protect stored files, documents, and images from Zero-Day attacks (Deep Content Disarm and Reconstruction), advanced threats (Multiscanning), and sensitive data loss (Proactive Data Loss Prevention).

Release Highlights

MetaDefender for Secure Storage adds a new remediation feature - For all storage units it is now possible to move 'allowed' files to another location (in the same way that it was possible to move 'blocked' or 'sanitized' files). This supports the use case where the initial storage, where files come in, is used as triage. Files can then be moved to other locations based on the scan results.

With this release, MetaDefender for Secure Storage adds Load Balancing support allowing it to connect to a pool of MetaDefender Core servers via a Layer 7 Load Balancer.

In addition, the release includes the following bug fixes -

  • Ability to add an empty bucket
  • Improved configurations that allow import of a bucket with the same name as an existing one
  • No timeout errors when importing OneDrive storage units with a large number of users
  • Fixed file ordering report display which now starts with the most recent ones processed
  • Multiple page audit records display correctly without any performance issues
  • End date records are now included in the fixed search results display for filtered reports

Release Details

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