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Executive Team Races for the Donation Finish Line

I recently realized that the last time I ran the New York City marathon was over ten years ago. I also had been beating myself up for a lack of involvement in charitable activities and knew that I needed to do something about it. I made it my 2016 New Year's resolution to participate in the marathon again this year while raising money for a noble cause. It was an easy decision to run for Team for Kids because of the invaluable initiatives that its organization, New York Road Runners (NYRR) Youth Programs, puts forth to enable children nation-wide to overcome obesity and to encourage them to engage in activities that serve as building blocks for their development and advancement. Once I shared my excitement about running and raising money for this cause, it was easy to inspire excitement in my friends and fellow-executives Tom Mullen and Patrick Tan to join the race.

I am donating $7,500.00 from OPSWAT to Team for Kids. And, now—Tom, Patrick, and I are seeking your support to raise at least an additional $2,500.00 to reach our total contribution goal of $10,000.00 by the fundraising deadline of October 7th. All contributions are tax deductible and can be placed on our OPSWAT team donation page here. Help us support health and overall wellness for children.

Pictured left to right: Patrick Tan, Benny Czarny, and Tom Mullen direct their attention to the finish line in their marathon training

We hope to see you at the donation finish line! Let's have some fun and donate money for an honorable cause.

The Runners

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Benny Czarny,
CEO & Founder


Patrick Tan,


Tom Mullen,
Senior Vice President of Business Development


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