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How Proper Cybersecurity Planning Enables Efficient Operations

When considering how to move data into or out of a secure network, the operational and security needs of a business have traditionally been its primary focuses. To many, this means avoiding negative impacts on the efficiency of the teams or functions in the environment while simply scanning the device or files prior to bringing them into a protected area.

For a while, this was a best practice, allowing operations to continue as needed while doing the minimum from a security perspective. However, cybersecurity threats have evolved, and they pose a massive threat to operations. To combat these new threats, how we approach cybersecurity planning must evolve as well.

A more comprehensive approach to removable media and file security is to look at the needs of a business and how these devices are used. From there, you can create processes that not only avoid negative impacts but also improve security efficiency. With the right cybersecurity systems, you can guarantee both security and productivity.

Cybersecurity Systems for Long-Term Growth

The first thing to keep in mind when building your cybersecurity plan is to look at how the plan can support business growth.

For example, instead of simply scanning devices and files as mentioned above, businesses should technically enforce device policies, leaving operators with peace of mind that all site visitors are following the rules designed to minimize unplanned downtime.

Below are some security measures you can take:

  • Use an agent or client that can technically enforce your scanning policy
  • Identify potential vulnerabilities in patches and updates
  • Enforce policies based on the country of origin of those files
  • Prevent the loss of confidential data

Going a step further, instead of repeatedly scanning untrusted removable devices, businesses can also prevent the deployment of that untrusted USB within our secure space. The possibilities are limitless, so it is important not to be hung up on traditional designs. Explore the available options and choose the one that best fits your business and security needs. With proper planning and design, robust cybersecurity programs can become a business enabler as opposed to a roadblock.

How to Create a Cybersecurity System for All Your Needs

To ensure your security systems and processes suit your business needs, simply follow the checklist below:

  1. What types of media does your organization use?
  2. Who is using this media? Or who should be using this media?
  3. Does your organization enforce scans? If so, can you load a client on the protected workstations? If not, are there other technologies to enforce scans?
  4. Does your organization want to allow outside media into our facility? Does it allow transferring the files from that media into the secure area after a scan? If you do not want to allow outside media, how will you manage the exceptions?
  5. How many anti-malware engines should your organization use?
  6. Should your organization use DLP in your program?
  7. Does your organization have the means to strip out malware from files leveraging CDR?
  8. Does your organization care about a country-of-origin policy for inbound files?

  9. After assessing your current policies, see how well they support your business needs. If they no longer serve their purpose, or if their purpose has changed, consider new processes that will effectively protect your business.

    To find new processes for your organization, start by listing the top priorities/business needs. Then, explore the solutions that effectively meet those needs, and create policies around them. Share this policy with key stakeholders to help secure and smoothen the adoption of the policy changes. Proper change management is a must to build a successful cyber policy, as it helps with preventing any pushback after the policies are rolled out.

    Once all the steps are finished, you will be able to have a formal cybersecurity policy addressing your needs, and your business will run even more efficiently because you won’t be interrupting workflows/operations to check for security breaches.

    OPSWAT’s Suite of Solutions for Efficient Cybersecurity Planning

    Our industry leaders at OPSWAT are the reliable partners you need to implement an efficient cybersecurity system tailored to the needs of your organization. Our core products include MetaDefender Core, an advanced threat prevention solution that enables you to efficiently integrate malware detection and prevention mechanisms into your existing IT and OT systems. MetaDefender Core is easy to implement, and it will not negatively affect the overall workflow of your organization, making it the right choice for modern cyberspaces.

    If you need help planning cybersecurity solutions for your organization, contact our industry leaders for more information.

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