Introducing the OPSWAT Academy MetaAccess NAC Professional Course

OPSWAT Academy is excited to announce the release of the MetaAccess NAC Professional Course! This course is designed for network administrators to build a strong understanding of the feature-rich systems MetaAccess NAC has to offer. It covers everything from first-time deployment to integrations with third party solutions.

Protection of internal networks is crucial for any organization - from locking down a critical network to a specified set of devices, to associating who can access specific resources.

MetaAccess NAC Pro topics include:

  • Deployment
  • Initial configurations
  • Network inputs
  • Authentication sources
  • Building policies
  • End user experiences
  • Ongoing monitoring and management
  • Integration with third party solutions
  • Much more!

The OPSWAT Academy Professional Series provides the next level of deep-dive cybersecurity training courses for professionals that are OCIPA certified as having mastered the OPSWAT Academy Associate Series.

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-Nate Medeiros: Product Owner, Technical Certifications

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