MetaDefender Drive v3.12.0 Release

Product Overview

MetaDefender Drive is a perfect solution to address transient device issues with air-gap networks. Comes with a hardening USB stick, MetaDefender Drive boots, scans, and inspects devices for advanced malware, vulnerabilities, and noncompliance issues that other solutions may have missed.

Many Organizations have used MetaDefender Drive to securely control the process of devices entering and leaving their critical networks.

Deep forensic analysis is conducted on every file, and detailed threat reports pinpoint which files need to be removed and remediated.

The result? Only trusted devices enter your environment.

New in this release

Data Integrity Verification

In this version, MetaDefender Drive brings the scan workflows to a new level and provides a more powerful data analyzing solution that helps users detect and report any slight single change in their filesystem.

Intel Iris XE Compatible

New enterprise laptops are now available with discrete Intel® Iris® Xe MAX graphics processor and an integrated Intel® Iris® Xe Graphics processor. Latest version MetaDefender Drive can boot and scan those laptops, completely and naturally.

Release Details

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