MetaDefender for Secure Storage adds Amazon S3 Event Based Handling for faster and more efficient Real Time Processing

MetaDefender for Secure Storage processes Amazon S3 buckets to provide multi-AV malware scanning, data sanitization, sensitive data loss protection, and other advanced vulnerability assessment and threat prevention benefits via OPSWAT’s proprietary suite of technologies that includes Multiscanning, Deep CDR (Content Disarm and Reconstruction), Proactive DLP (Data Loss Prevention), and File-based Vulnerability Assessment to protect stored files, documents, and images from advanced threats and Zero-Day attacks.

MetaDefender for Secure Storage RTP (Real Time Processing) option scans real-time for new and modified files to ensure newly uploaded files from compromised systems or compromised users do not introduce a threat inside your secured storage.

Amazon EventBridge makes it easier to build event-driven applications at scale.

With the 2.2.3 release, we have integrated with the AWS EventBridge service which will significantly improve Real Time Processing performance and reduce costs. This is because the new push model makes a smaller number of requests to the Amazon S3 buckets than polling and offers a faster and more efficient way to discover and process new and changed files in the buckets.

AWS EventBridge needs to be configured to push event notifications to an MDSS webhook when changes are detected on a bucket.

To have as seamless an integration as possible, all the AWS EventBridge configurations are handled by a Terraform script, which can be generated from the MDSS Web interface/API:

MetaDefender for Secure Storage auto-generates the Terraform script that you can run one-time from a session with the right permissions. This avoids requesting extra permissions.

For more details refer to OPSWAT docs

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