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MetaDefender Vault v2.1.0 - Enhanced Cross-Domain Security

Product Overview

MetaDefender Vault is a cross-domain solution that enables the secure transfer of files into and out of critical networks. MetaDefender Vault prevents advanced cyber security threats by leveraging multiple technologies within the MetaDefender Core platform, including Deep Content Disarm and Reconstruction (Deep CDR), Multiscanning, File-based Vulnerability Assessment, Proactive Data Loss Prevention (Proactive DLP) and Threat Intelligence.

Release Highlights

MetaDefender Vault adds more Role-based access controls for its expanded permission management system. With this release, functionality is available for administrators to define a time limit for users when they create guest accounts. They now have control over the lifespan of guest accounts and can set an expiration date for them.

This release ensures compliance with Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS). New deployments of MetaDefender Vault will work with FIPS mode enabled on the operating system where Vault is being deployed.

This release provides improved Vault to Vault integration with diode.

This release also fixes -

- UI control that would appear as enabled even after users disable it. Users had been unable to disable validate settings option in Vault to Vault page.

- Unintentional password protection for support packages. The exported archive would be password protected even when no password was explicitly set by the user.

- User matching algorithm for transferring files from Kiosk. When Single Sign-On is available in Vault, the algorithm was unable to identify the correct user when receiving files from Kiosk.

Release Details

  • Product: MetaDefender Vault
  • Release Date: 16 October 2020
  • Release Notes: 2.1.0
  • Download Link on OPSWAT Portal: Download
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