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New Network Protection Technologies in OPSWAT Academy

OPSWAT has have been protecting critical assets and endpoints for years with innovative “Trust No File” and “Trust No Device” technologies. With our recent inquisition of Impulse, we have extended critical infrastructure protection to the Network. Our Module 1: OPSWAT Philosophy course in OPSWAT Academy now includes new content that describes how SafeConnect Network Access Control (NAC) and Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) brilliantly empower organizations to maintain control over their critical resources.

You will learn how SafeConnect NAC can identify users and devices, assess your network, compose and enforce polices, and unify existing systems.

The SafeConnect SDP rethinks how critical resources are accessed with its “verify first, connect second” approach. This ground-breaking technology allows an organization to secure applications that reside outside of a traditional network perimeter.

As we continue to develop new content, we will begin incorporating product demos and interactive material to provide a more in-depth user experience. Please check out these new conceptual videos. We hope you are just as excited as we are for future NAC and SDP content!

-The OPSWAT Academy Team

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