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OPSWAT Academy: Exciting new content for the Secure Data Workflow course.

New items added to Module 3: Secure Data Workflow

  • MetaDefender Email Gateway Security
    • In 2019, Forbes published an article titled, “It’s Probably Time To Stop Announcing The Death of Email.” The author, Nigel Davies, points out that despite the ongoing speculation on the demise of email, data actually show emails increasing, with expectations for business and consumer emails sent and received per day to exceed 333 billion by the year 2022. The MetaDefender Email Gateway Security Course provides an introduction to OPSWAT’s solution to combat the world’s number one avenue of malicious attacks.
  • MetaDefender ICAP Server
    • As the creators of OPSWAT Academy we have taken pride in presenting complex subject matter in an approachable and unintimidating way. Internet Content Adaption Protocol, or ICAP, is a versatile solution for many organizations looking to scan web traffic for malware, but too few get an opportunity to realize its benefits as they are overwhelmed by overly complicated explanations or demonstrations. This Course demystifies ICAP by explaining its concepts clearly, showing how to easily set up a test environment, and successfully integrating the product with a proxy server.

-The OPSWAT Academy Team

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