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OPSWAT Academy – New Content, more to come

Authors: Nate M. and Mark F.

If you haven’t yet checked it out, we invite you to enroll in OPSWAT Academy, our exciting new online training program!

We created OPSWAT Academy to evaluate the challenges that exist in the cybersecurity landscape and how we can leverage OPSWAT products to protect our Critical Infrastructure and assets.

We’ve broken down concepts to digestible lessons that cut through the technical jargon. They give you a clear and firm understanding of key technologies born of the Trust no file, Trust no device philosophy. The feedback on our whiteboarding animation has been remarkable: both helpful and engaging, the teaching method has given even non-technical people a new vocabulary that they can use confidently. IT administrators who dabbled in security come away with a clearer understanding of vulnerabilities and how to protect against cyber criminals.

Launched September 26, 2019, we have not stopped continuing to develop existing material and add new content. We are pleased to announce both new and improved content for the following Modules:

Module 2: MetaDefender

  • We’ve dived deeper into our Deep CDR demonstration, providing learners a better understanding of the content disarm and reconstruction process.
  • New MetaDefender Cloud content introduces our cloud-based solution for malware analysis.

Module 3: Secure Data Workflow

  • New training content to illustrate how MetaDefender Kiosk’s workflows and configuration pages can be tailored to suit any use case.
  • New courses describing MetaDefender Vault’s user management, and it’s integration with Kiosk.

OPSWAT Academy is a continuously improving platform where our customers and partners can become certified in digital asset protection. We are also working create new training methods with more interactive content. Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!

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