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OPSWAT Acquires Impulse: Delivering on the Promise of Zero Trust to the Critical Infrastructure Market

Trust. It’s the unspoken bond that we, as individuals and as a society, rely on to function across so many aspects of our lives. Without trust, our economy would collapse, wars would erupt, and our interpersonal relationships would suffer.

In cybersecurity, the T-word has been bandied about a great deal, though with one important qualifier: Zero. As in Zero Trust.

It’s hard to open up a security publication and not read about the Zero Trust revolution. Why? Because it represents a prevention-first mindset, one that flips the trust-but-verify convention on its head, in favor of an authenticate-first model in which trust is never implied.

Today, OPSWAT is excited to announce it has completed the acquisition of Impulse, a Tampa, Florida, provider of Network Access Control (NAC) and Software-Defined Perimeter (SDP) solutions. Impulse serves a range of industries, from energy and government to manufacturing services and defense (you can read the announcement here). Like OPSWAT, they have long championed the Zero Trust approach to security and have embedded the principles of least-privilege access throughout their award-winning product line.

Since 2002, OPSWAT has helped protect our customers from cyberattack by empowering them to Trust No File, Trust No Device. As one of the pioneers of the Zero Trust philosophy, we have led the cybersecurity industry in preventing threats and creating processes for secure data transfer and safe device access. Our products and services enable our 1,000+ global customers to not just detect threats at the earliest stage, but also, and more critically, prevent them from happening in the first place.

Since 2004, OPSWAT has been in the device trust & NAC business. We protect over 100 million endpoints, by powering leading security vendors, including Cisco, Palo Alto Networks, Aruba, Pulse Secure, F5 Networks, and VMware. Additionally, the OPSWAT Certified Application Program has certified more than 2,300 applications from more than 100 traditional and next-gen anti-malware and disk encryption software companies.

As cyberattacks continue to evolve in both sophistication and frequency, and as remote work and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies become the rule and not the exception, security philosophies must also evolve. Our customers cannot simply Trust No File, Trust No Device, they must also Trust No Network.

The integration of our joint solutions will provide our customers with an exceptional solution that can easily deploy and manage NAC settings from a single console, maintain consistent policy administration, facilitate the enforcement of access controls, replace insecure VPN access points with secure-by-design SDP functionality, and automatically determine the compliance state of all endpoint devices.

We are thrilled to join forces with Impulse and are confident that this partnership will deliver exciting new innovations to the cybersecurity market. We’ll communicate more details about the integration of our solutions in the coming weeks.

Moving forward, our customers across the 16 critical infrastructure sectors, as well as those in education and commercial enterprises, will be able to trust any file, any device and any network, because they put their trust in OPSWAT.

Learn more about the acquisition in this press release or visit this web page. I invite you to learn more by contacting us here.

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