OPSWAT Adds Scalable Administration Features to Metadefender Endpoint Management

MetaDefender Product Updates

OPSWAT today announced the release of a significantly enhanced version of MetaDefender Endpoint Management (MEM), its cloud access security and enterprise endpoint compliance offering. With this release, enterprise IT administrators can leverage existing Windows Active Directory (AD) groups to simplify device management and administer MEM more efficiently. Key features include the ability to:

  • Sort devices into administrator-named groups such as "Sales" or "Marketing"
  • Set more granular access and compliance policies for these groups
  • Create and customize policies for individual device groups
  • Synchronize managed devices from AD

This latest product release from OPSWAT allows administrators to manage devices and set policies by groups, ensuring that device groups with different needs or risk scores have different levels of access rights. This will help IT administrators reduce time spent in device management while also ensuring compliance.

Additionally, IT administrators can now synchronize devices from domain controllers that have Active Directory Domain Services installed and can see which managed devices have the MetaDefender Endpoint Management agent installed. Devices that do not have the agent installed are flagged appropriately. IT administrators will be able to ensure compliance for new devices that join or are added to the domain but do not have the MetaDefender Endpoint Management agent installed.

Mukul Hinge, Product Manager at OPSWAT, explained: "We're excited to continue our development of MEM as an enterprise-class device compliance solution and to set a new bar in Network Access Control for cloud SaaS applications. We had consistent requests for this feature from both our HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley MEM customers, and we're happy to deliver a full-featured implementation that will help our customers maintain compliance while reducing their total cost of ownership."

Visit this page for more information about MetaDefender Endpoint Management.


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