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OPSWAT CVEs, Hashes, Application Installers Update: October 3 - October 10, 2018

The OPSWAT Metadefender Vulnerability Engine identifies known application vulnerabilities and reports them by severity level. The Vulnerability Engine allows system administrators to identify vulnerabilities in files and data being brought into a secure network and on endpoints within a network, significantly expediting remediation of the issue.

Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) is a catalog of publicly known cyber security vulnerabilities that's sponsored by the United States Department of Homeland Security. The first table below lists the new CVEs and product versions for which support was added to the Metadefender database during the week of October 3 - October 10, 2018. The second table lists the hashes and application installers for which support was added.

Newly Supported CVEs and Product Versions as of October 10, 2018

Adobe ReaderAdobe Systems Inc.18.009.20050 and priorCVE-2018-12815!/CVE-2018-1281510.0
Adobe ReaderAdobe Systems Inc.11.1.3 and priorCVE-2014-0514!/CVE-2014-05149.3
Adobe ReaderAdobe Systems Inc.9.4.1 and priorCVE-2011-0606!/CVE-2011-06069.3
Adobe ReaderAdobe Systems Inc.9.4.1 and priorCVE-2011-0600!/CVE-2011-06009.3
Adobe ReaderAdobe Systems Inc.9.4.1 and priorCVE-2011-0598!/CVE-2011-05989.3
Adobe ReaderAdobe Systems Inc.9.4.1 and priorCVE-2011-0562!/CVE-2011-05626.9
PuTTYSimon Tatham0.67 and priorCVE-2016-6167!/CVE-2016-61674.4
PHPThe PHP Group7.0.9 and priorCVE-2016-5399!/CVE-2016-53996.8
PHPThe PHP Group5.3.6 and priorCVE-2011-1657!/CVE-2011-16575.0
PHPThe PHP Group5.3.5 and priorCVE-2011-0421!/CVE-2011-04214.3
PHPThe PHP Group5.1.2 and priorCVE-2006-1549!/CVE-2006-15492.1
PHPThe PHP Group5.2.10 and priorCVE-2009-2687!/CVE-2009-26874.3
PHPThe PHP Group5.2.8 and priorCVE-2009-1271!/CVE-2009-12715.0
PHPThe PHP Group5.1.6 and priorCVE-2009-0754!/CVE-2009-07542.1
PHPThe PHP Group5.2.7 and priorCVE-2008-5814!/CVE-2008-58142.6
PHPThe PHP Group5.2.4 and priorCVE-2007-5899!/CVE-2007-58994.3
PHPThe PHP Group5.2.4 and priorCVE-2007-5898!/CVE-2007-58986.4
PHPThe PHP Group5.2.3 and priorCVE-2007-4670!/CVE-2007-46705.0
PHPThe PHP Group5.2.3 and priorCVE-2007-4662!/CVE-2007-46627.5
PHPThe PHP Group5.2.3 and priorCVE-2007-4661!/CVE-2007-46617.5
PHPThe PHP Group5.2.3 and priorCVE-2007-4660!/CVE-2007-46607.5
PHPThe PHP Group5.2.14 and priorCVE-2007-4658!/CVE-2007-46587.5
PHPThe PHP Group5.2.3 and priorCVE-2007-4657!/CVE-2007-46577.5
PHPThe PHP Group5.2.3 and priorCVE-2007-3998!/CVE-2007-39985.0
PHPThe PHP Group5.2.14 and priorCVE-2007-3799!/CVE-2007-37994.3
PHPThe PHP Group5.2.2 and priorCVE-2007-2872!/CVE-2007-28726.8
PHPThe PHP Group5.2.1 and priorCVE-2007-1285!/CVE-2007-12855.0
PHPThe PHP Grouppl1 and priorCVE-2006-3017!/CVE-2006-30179.3
PHPThe PHP Group5.1.1 and priorCVE-2006-0208!/CVE-2006-02082.6
PHPThe PHP Group5.1.1 and priorCVE-2006-0207!/CVE-2006-02075.0
PHPThe PHP Group4.4.0 and priorCVE-2005-3054!/CVE-2005-30542.1
PHPThe PHP Group4.3.10 and priorCVE-2005-1043!/CVE-2005-10435.0
PHPThe PHP Group4.3.10 and priorCVE-2005-1042!/CVE-2005-10427.5
VMware PlayerVMware, Inc.12.1.1 and priorCVE-2016-5330!/CVE-2016-53304.4
SafariApple Inc.9.1.1 and priorCVE-2016-4651!/CVE-2016-46514.3
SafariApple Inc.9.1.1 and priorCVE-2016-4624!/CVE-2016-46246.8
SafariApple Inc.9.1.1 and priorCVE-2016-4623!/CVE-2016-46236.8
SafariApple Inc.9.1.1 and priorCVE-2016-4622!/CVE-2016-46226.8
SafariApple Inc.9.1.1 and priorCVE-2016-4590!/CVE-2016-45904.3
SafariApple Inc.9.1 and priorCVE-2016-1859!/CVE-2016-18596.8
SafariApple Inc.9.1 and priorCVE-2016-1858!/CVE-2016-18584.3
SafariApple Inc.9.1 and priorCVE-2016-1857!/CVE-2016-18576.8
SafariApple Inc.9.1 and priorCVE-2016-1856!/CVE-2016-18566.8
SafariApple Inc.9.1 and priorCVE-2016-1855!/CVE-2016-18556.8
SafariApple Inc.9.1 and priorCVE-2016-1854!/CVE-2016-18546.8
SafariApple Inc.9.0.3 and priorCVE-2016-1786!/CVE-2016-17865.8
SafariApple Inc.9.0.3 and priorCVE-2016-1785!/CVE-2016-17854.3
SafariApple Inc.9.0.3 and priorCVE-2016-1783!/CVE-2016-17839.3
SafariApple Inc.9.0.3 and priorCVE-2016-1782!/CVE-2016-17824.3
SafariApple Inc.9.0.3 and priorCVE-2016-1781!/CVE-2016-17814.3

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Newly Supported Hashes as of October 10, 2018

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