OPSWAT Deploys CrowdStrike to Enhance Security Offering

OPSWAT® brings the power of CrowdStrike's Falcon Artificial Ingelligence (AI) to its MetaDefender® platform to enhance content protection for critical infrastructure networks

SAN FRANCISCO, October 7, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- OPSWAT, a leader in critical infrastructure protection, today announced that it has partnered with CrowdStrike® Inc., a leader in cloud-delivered endpoint protection, to enhance the multiscanning capabilities of MetaDefender, its flagship content security platform, with CrowdStrike's Falcon AI engine. Today's announcement represents the first commercialization of the Falcon AI engine by any OEM partner.

The CrowdStrike Falcon AI engine leverages the data of the CrowdStrike Falcon® platform, built on the crowdsourced intelligence of the CrowdStrike Cloud, to understand and identify malicious intent based solely on the attributes of a file, without prior knowledge of it, without signatures, and without having to execute the file to observe the behavior. Through seamless deployment of CrowdStrike's Falcon AI engine in MetaDefender Core, MetaDefender Cloud and MetaDefender Kiosk, OPSWAT users will experience the following benefits:

  • The added power of CrowdStrike's AI-powered next generation anti-virus engine to the existing list of traditional anti-malware engines already integrated into the MetaDefender platform.
  • Support for a wide range of use cases and deployments, from Cloud to on-premises (MetaDefender Core) deployments. Falcon AI will also be available as an optional custom add-on engine.
  • Better detection capabilities, enabling more robust security regardless of the use case, the CrowdStrike's Falcon AI technology enhances the detection capabilities of the MetaDefender platform without negatively impacting organizations' operations.

"We are delighted to work with CrowdStrike to integrate their market leading Falcon AI engine with the OPSWAT MetaDefender advanced threat prevention platform. The joint-solution will offer the best-of-breed malware defense with deep content analysis," said Yiyi Miao, SVP Products at OPSWAT.

"We are excited to be working with OPSWAT to protect the many users in their ecosystem with CrowdStrike's Falcon AI engine," said Sven Krasser, Chief Scientist at CrowdStrike. "Artificial intelligence is the first line of defense against modern day threat actors, whose sophisticated tactics, techniques and procedures are constantly evolving to evade detection. OPSWAT's MetaDefender with CrowdStrike's Falcon AI creates a comprehensive security platform to defend all customers from all malware."


OPSWAT protects critical infrastructure. We assume that any file or device entering, traversing, or leaving an enterprise could pose a risk. To do this, we provide cyberthreat platforms that not only detect threats, but also prevent them. Our platforms deliver a truly secure process for transferring files and devices to and from critical networks. OPSWAT provides this process to over 1,400 organizations worldwide.

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