OPSWAT Employee Spotlight: Károly Arnhoffer

In this employee spotlight, get to know Károly Arnhoffer, Product Manager of Email Gateway Security R&D!

Please share a little about your role at OPSWAT.

I work in OPSWAT’s Veszprém, Hungary office and my primary task is to make and keep our Email Gateway Security customers satisfied.

How long have you been with OSPWAT?

I’ve been with OPSWAT for four and a half years

How did you begin your career in cybersecurity?

I started as a programmer in a secure remote access project 13 years ago. I cannot share too many details, but I have been enjoying cybersecurity since the beginning.

What do you like the most about working at OSPWAT?

I can still remember when I first visited the webpages of the company, I saw a picture of a nuclear power plant in the portal and the text was saying something like "We protect critical infrastructure.” I had been in the cybersecurity for years then, and I was impressed by that photo and immediately thought (and think even now) that OPSWAT is serious about security.

How has the company changed since your first started?

It has changed a lot. Back then when I started, it still had some sort of garage feeling. Now, OPSWAT is a mature multi-national company.

What has been your favorite project to work on?

It is hard to choose, but it has been Email Gateway Security. This is where I started, and this is where I returned after a short detour.

If you could describe OPSWAT in one word, what would it be and why?

Youthful. And of course, it is not about our age, but about our mentality, or behavior: we are agile, enthusiastic, energetic and curious.

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