OPSWAT Now Integrated with CrowdStrike Falcon Platform and Available in the CrowdStrike Store

MetaDefender Cloud Integrated with Falcon and Available in the CrowdStrike Store

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with CrowdStrike to make MetaDefender Cloud reputation technologies available on the Falcon Platform. The new solution will also soon be available via the CrowdStrike Store. CrowdStrike customers will have access to a threat intelligence database of hash, IP, and domain datapoints provided by MetaDefender Cloud. The joint solution includes end-to-end secure information handling for compliance and sensitive data security to help accelerate threat incident investigations.

CrowdStrike, a global cybersecurity leader, is redefining security for the cloud era with an endpoint and workload protection platform built from the ground up to stop breaches. The CrowdStrike Falcon® platform’s single lightweight-agent architecture leverages cloud-scale artificial intelligence (AI) and offers real-time protection and visibility across the enterprise, preventing attacks on endpoints and workloads on or off the network.

OPSWAT MetaDefender Cloud is a cloud security solution focused on file analysis and malware reporting. Falcon can query hash, IP, and domain intelligence from MetaDefender Cloud for a full interactive malware analysis derived from multiple anti-malware engines and multiple file reputation sources. File analysis reports include scanning by 20+ AV engines, including CrowdStrike, as well as time-lapse reports.

OPSWAT MetaDefender File Reputation

As more anti-malware engines are used, malware detection rates improve because each engine may not detect certain types of threats. Since each anti-malware engine uses different algorithms, malware analysts are in different time zones and different geographically based labs, the value of combining multiple anti-malware engines significantly increases detection. Falcon admins can use the MetaDefender Cloud hash database derived from 20+ anti-malware engines for help with deep event investigation.

OPSWAT MetaDefender IP-Domain Reputation

The OPSWAT global threat intelligence community consists of a large dataset of billions of scanned files, IP addresses, and domain data points. This ever-growing database for IP and domain address reputation information is available as an add on feature to the Falcon management console, as part of search and security incident investigation.

Purchasing MetaDefender on the CrowdStrike Store

MetaDefender Cloud offers flexible licensing options on the CrowdStrike Store which are easily adjustable and scalable. OPSWAT takes care of the entire anti-malware engine licensing process so that Falcon users can focus on analyzing our threat reports. Each user’s throughput of data processing can be easily gauged with our rate limits for an easy pay-as-you-go licensing model.

Help accelerate investigations with contextual information from OPSWAT and ensure your endpoint is worry free from malware, zero-day threats, and file vulnerabilities using one of the highest detection rates in the market.

Contact us for more information about the CrowdStrike + OPSWAT integration.

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