OPSWAT Launches World’s First Interactive Mobile Lab for Critical Infrastructure Organizations

OPSWAT CyberTrailer will offer hands-on education and demonstration for critical infrastructure organizations on the risks of cyberattacks caused by malware

Tampa, Fla., March 23, 2022 – OPSWAT, the global leader in critical infrastructure protection (CIP) cybersecurity solutions, announced today the launch of its OPSWAT CyberTrailer. The interactive mobile cybersecurity lab is an extension of OPSWAT’s globally deployed CIP labs which demonstrate the power of OPSWAT’s CIP solutions and technology with real-world use cases and attacks on information technologies (IT), operational technologies (OT), and Industrial Control Systems (ICS) environments.

Record-breaking rates of cyber incidents within critical infrastructure sectors are driving organizations to adopt stronger security controls. Coupled with this trend is the increased connectivity between IT, OT and ICS environments, which exposes protected networks to threats originating from malicious files and devices, as well as direct attacks on critical operational assets. The mobile version of OPSWAT’s globally deployed labs allows current and future customers in the U.S. to experience firsthand the company’s entire OT solution portfolio, attack simulation, and CIP training at their fingertips.

“The OPSWAT CyberTrailer is a unique, first-of-its-kind mobile CIP lab that makes OT security and CIP training easier than ever before,” said Benny Czarny, OPSWAT Founder and CEO. “OPSWAT’s comprehensive portfolio of CIP products and technology allows organizations to customize solutions that meet the needs of their critical environments, and the OPSWAT CyberTrailer offers the flexibility and convenience for them to do so onsite in an interactive way by learning about the threats to their environments, assessing their risk, and understanding how we can help.”

The OPSWAT CyberTrailer encompasses many of OPSWAT’s flagship products, including MetaDefender Drive, MetaDefender Kiosk, MetaDefender Vault, NetWall Unidirectional Security Gateway, and OPSWAT Academy training – all of which can be paired uniquely to offer the best solution for customers’ use-cases.

According to Research and Markets, the industrial cybersecurity market size is valued at $16.2 billion and is expected to reach $20.1 billion by 2027. With the launch of the OPSWAT CyberTrailer, OPSWAT can continue meeting the high demand for industrial cybersecurity, offer interactive training and demonstrations of OPSWAT products to key stakeholders, and provide important CIP training with ease and flexibility.

To see the OPSWAT CyberTrailer in action, watch this video.

To learn more about the OPSWAT CyberTrailer or to book it for your next event, visit opswat.com/cybertrailer.


OPSWAT is a global leader in IT, OT and ICS critical infrastructure cybersecurity solutions and Deep Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR), protecting the world’s mission-critical organizations from malware and zero-day attacks. To minimize the risk of compromise, OPSWAT Critical Infrastructure Protection solutions safeguard both public and private sector organizations with the latest technology, processes, and hardware scanning to secure the transfer of data, files, and device access across critical networks. More than 1,500 organizations worldwide spanning Financial Services, Defense, Manufacturing, Energy, Aerospace, and Transportation Systems trust OPSWAT to secure their files and devices; ensure compliance with industry and government-driven policies and regulations, and protect their reputation, finances, employees, and customers from cyber-driven disruption. For more information on OPSWAT, visit www.opswat.com.

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