OPSWAT MetaAccess - Screen Capture Protection for More Secure Video-Conferencing

We’ve all heard about the security and privacy threats brought about by the rise of video conferencing services during the pandemic. These threats have drawn the attention of a group of researchers from Ben-Gurion University in Israel, who recently published their eye-opening findings on sensitive information they were able to extract from virtual meeting participants, and what that means for both individual privacy and organizational security.

From unencrypted communication to vulnerabilities that allow malware execution on meeting participants’ devices, there is an even greater need to manage confidentiality during the use of video conferencing services. We talked about how OPSWAT MetaAccess helps with video conference security in this OPSWAT Blog in May, and now OPSWAT can go a step further than detecting and remediating malware and vulnerabilities.

In June, we expanded our framework with Anti-Keylogger and Anti-Screen Capture modules, the latter of which is a timely addition given the risks native to video conferencing services. The Anti-Screen Capture technology prevents unauthorized or accidental screenshots and recordings by users, VDI usage, web collaboration tools and malicious applications. This not only protects the attendees of your video conference meetings from new forms of identity fraud like Fake Avatars, but also sensitive company information that may be shared on these meetings – reducing your organization’s risk on a variety of levels.

The Anti-Screen Capture service monitors each running process. When a process tries to capture or record the screen, the OESIS Anti-Screen Capture hook will block the request. This hook optionally, can allow only certain windows to be captured. It’s incumbent upon any organization using video conferencing to mitigate the risks that these services bring to their employees and their organizations.

OPSWAT’s MetaAccess does just that.

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