OPSWAT Releases Media Validation for Metadefender Kiosk and Client

MetaDefender Client

OPSWAT today announced the release of MetaDefender Client with Media Validation, which validates portable media that has previously been scanned with MetaDefender Kiosk. This powerful new feature will help organizations deploy comprehensive solutions for handling portable media in secure environments, leveraging both MetaDefender Kiosk and MetaDefender Client to do so. This allows portable media to be checked for threats both on standalone systems and on endpoints within the organization more efficiently, enhancing productivity.

Although there are products for both standalone kiosk and endpoint USB protection (OPSWAT's are MetaDefender Kiosk and Client, respectively), one of the challenges for organizations using both has been linking the two together as a cohesive solution for protection against threats on portable media. Administrators need a way to make sure that USB devices are scanned for threats according to security policies, and that this check can be done on endpoints before such devices are used. Additionally, performing the same checks both at a kiosk and on an endpoint results in unnecessary duplication of effort. This latest release of MetaDefender Client from OPSWAT allows MetaDefender Kiosk and Client to work together in a deployment to efficiently protect against threats on portable media.

Tony Berning, Senior Product Manager at OPSWAT, explained: "We are excited to now include the media validation functionality in both our MetaDefender Kiosk and Client products. This will make it easier for customers to deploy both products in their secure environments to provide the very best protection against threats on portable media."

After MetaDefender Kiosk has finished scanning a portable media device, it can digitally sign that media device with the results of the scan. When that media is then used on an endpoint with MetaDefender Client, that digital signature can then be validated and the results from MetaDefender Kiosk checked. This both validates that the media has been scanned by MetaDefender Kiosk as required and eliminates the duplication of effort from scanning the same files with the same engines multiple times.

Berning added, "The addition of digital signatures allows the verification that media has previously been scanned with MetaDefender Kiosk before it is used on critical systems. With MetaDefender Client installed on endpoints, that validation can happen automatically to make portable media protection as efficient as possible without impacting productivity."

With this media validation functionality, MetaDefender Kiosk and Client now can work together as part of a comprehensive system to protect secure networks from threats on portable media. Visit this page for more information about MetaDefender Client. MetaDefender Client can be downloaded here, and the product release notes are on this page.


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