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OPSWAT Releases MetaDefender Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

We are pleased to announce that our MetaDefender Advanced Threat Prevention platform now offers data loss prevention (DLP) to help organizations protect PII and aid compliance. With DLP now an integral part of MetaDefender, organizations can enhance their data privacy compliance as well as protect against file-borne threats.

To comply with industry regulations such as PCI, HIPAA, FINRA, and Gramm-Leach-Bliley, organizations have the obligation to keep sensitive data private. MetaDefender DLP can help companies prevent confidential information, including credit card numbers and social security numbers, from leaving or entering the company’s systems by content-checking files and emails before they are transferred. MetaDefender can search more than 30 file types for sensitive content, including Microsoft Office, PDF, CSV, HTML and image files.

How MetaDefender DLP Works

MetaDefender DLP can block files or emails that contain credit card numbers, social security numbers or custom regular expressions.

If sensitive data is found, this will be reported in the scan results with detailed information on the actual text that triggered the alert.

To try out MetaDefender DLP, download our free 15-day MetaDefender trial.

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