OPSWAT Unveils New Offering for Device Security and Access Control for SaaS Application Use

Cloud with Key, Cloud Security

OPSWAT today announced the immediate availability of MetaAccess, a cloud security solution facilitating an enterprise's move to the cloud with deeper security checks around managed and unmanaged endpoints. Specifically, MetaAccess prevents risky and noncompliant endpoints, including laptops, PCs, and smartphones, from accessing data in important cloud-based applications. The solution builds on OPSWAT's market-leading hostscan technologies that are used by many of the leading Virtual Private Network (VPN) and Network Access Control (NAC) solutions by orienting the technology specifically for cloud access control use cases.

A Gap Left by Traditional Perimeter-Based Solutions

Software-as-a-Service, or SaaS, business applications have become a pervasive part of today's enterprise IT infrastructure. A recent 2017 study by RightScale revealed that enterprises run 75 percent of their workloads in the cloud and SMBs run 83 percent of their workloads in the cloud. In addition, in 2016 Gartner estimated the SaaS market at roughly $38 billion in size with 20 percent healthy year-on-year growth.

Legacy mobility solutions such as NAC and VPN offer endpoint assessment capabilities for traditional perimeter networks, but require retrofitting for an enterprise architecture built on cloud and bring your own device (BYOD), a process that often leads to suboptimal user experience. MetaAccess enables enterprises to control access to their cloud-based corporate applications without relying on a VPN or NAC appliance.

Furthermore, while traditional NAC solutions can take months for deployment, MetaAccess can be deployed in a matter of minutes or hours with flexible deployment options and is designed for unmanaged endpoints carried by contractors or guests.

Complementing Newer Cloud Security Solutions

Today's cloud security solutions such as those from cloud Identity Providers (IdPs) and Cloud Access Service Brokers (CASBs) focus on user authentication and application authorization or data protection. Neither category approaches cloud security holistically from the device security angle.

MetaAccess complements these existing cloud security solution categories with configurable endpoint posture and assessment checks for a wide range of today's most widely used operating systems including Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS and Android.

New Access Control Capabilities for the Enterprise

"Our customers in regulated industries now have a way to enforce internal security standards in COD and BYOD environments," said Horacio Zambrano, VP of product marketing at OPSWAT. "We are able to hook into any SAML-based SSO IdP and offer patented encryption detection, which is the basis of many regulatory statutes, and this allows us to mitigate the risk of data breaches."

MetaAccess gives IT administrators the ability to monitor their enterprise security posture and restrict access to any SaaS or cloud application based on individual device status.

Key features include:

  • Wide support for all major enterprise OSs including Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, and Android
  • Easy integration with any cloud-based IdP via the support of SAML and OAuth authentication standards
  • Single pane of glass visibility into all devices (corporate owned and unowned) accessing important cloud applications and indications of risk status and top compliance issues
  • Deep device posture checks including a patented encryption detection check and other key security controls across PC and mobile
  • Refined end user notification and awareness building via clear, customizable and detailed remediation pages, resulting in reduced helpdesk calls.

MetaAccess can be licensed on a subscription basis and is generally available at https://www.opswat.com/MetaAccess. MetaAccess can be evaluated by organizations for free for up to 25 devices.


OPSWAT is a global cyber security company providing solutions for enterprises since 2002 to identify, detect, and remediate advanced security threats from data and devices coming into and out of their networks. Trusted by over 1,000 organizations worldwide for this secure data flow, OPSWAT prevents advanced security threats across multiple channels of file transfer and data flow with flexible options of MetaDefender solutions and API-based development and threat intelligence platforms. With over 35+ anti-malware engines, 100+ data sanitization engines, and more than 25 technology integration partners, OPSWAT is a pioneer and leader in data sanitization (Content Disarm and Reconstruction), vulnerability detection, multi-scanning, device compliance, and cloud access control. To learn more about OPSWAT, please visit www.OPSWAT.com.

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