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Kiosk と USB セキュリティ
2016年 1月 27日

Why Data Diodes Are Essential for Isolated and Classified Networks

In order to protect highly sensitive data and networks, such as military networks and critical infrastructure control systems, the most commonly used security...
2016年 1月 23日

Video: Getting Started with Metascan and Proxy SG

Detecting and preventing advanced threats from entering your organization's network requires scanning network traffic. By establishing a proxy server and...
Every organization has data flowing into and out of the organization. Along with any data comes the risk of malware. To protect against threats, most companies...
Research conducted by OPSWAT, provider of solutions to secure and manage IT infrastructure, found that over 80% of IT security professionals cite their biggest...
Kiosk と USB セキュリティ
2015年 12月 22日

USB Security: Three Ways to Address USB Risks

Although USB flash drives are extremely useful devices for transferring data, they do come with security risks. Employees using USB drives at home and then...
2015年 11月 23日

How to Block More Malware on Blue Coat ProxySG

Would you like to increase your malware threat protection on Blue Coat ProxySG web traffic and downloads? Metascan can be used with ProxySG to significantly...
Deep CDR
2015年 11月 13日

Video: NIAS Data Sanitization Presentation

The NATO information assurance symposium (NIAS) is the NCI Agency's annual cyber security event for NATO organizations and industry partners. This year,...

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