Proactive DLP is Here

DLP which stands for "data loss prevention" or "data leakage prevention" refers to technical solutions and processes employed by organizations to prevent exposing or sharing sensitive data with unauthorized users. Implementing effective DLP is challenging and data breaches can threaten the existence of organizations suffering leakage or loss of data. With the above in mind, OPSWAT is introducing a new proactive solution to supplement your existing DLP.

Why Proactive?

Most security solutions rely heavily on detection and blocking mechanisms, creating conflict between productivity and security. If you increase the detection, productivity goes down due to higher rates of false positives, and vise versa. Our primary method is not to block but to eliminate potential data leaks by simply removing certain content or by adding authoring information such as watermarks. Our approach is "proactive" since it does not rely on blocking mechanisms to prevent data loss/leakage intentionally or unintentionally. In this release, we introduce three features inspired by development of OPSWAT Deep CDR to manage data entering or leaving your organization. These features will help your organization comply with regulations and eliminate the need to train your end users to take manual actions to protect the organization.

  • Document Redaction
  • Metadata Removal
  • Watermark Addition

Document Redaction

Automatically obscure potentially PII from documents. The sample image below demonstrates redaction of information a customer sent your organization, including credit card information even though your company does not accept credit card information. Any PII that your organization decides to redact will be proactively redacted before it gets to your end users. In this example, both an email address and credit card information are redacted.

Metadata Removal

Automatically removes Metadata associated to images which may possess PII such as GPS location or an image's author. Here is an example picture of a secret bunker that was shared with the press. By removing metadata within the photo, you can proactively eliminate unintentional data leaks.

Watermark Addition

Automatically watermark documents and images to enable your organization to identify the source of data determined to be sensitive, and the transmission of such data is a violation of company policy. In this example, a blueprint is loaded on someone's computer which has an IP address of the machine for the accountability of data. Thus, we will proactively stop a user from making copies or taking a picture of it without revealing who loaded the image.

What is next?

This is just the beginning of our commitment to our Proactive DLP and we are working on more exciting features. Please reach out to our sales team to learn more about the current offering and what else is on the roadmap. Click here to contact us.

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