Product Feature: Enhanced File Transfer in Metadefender Kiosk

With the latest release of MetaDefender Kiosk (3.3.5), users now have more flexibility in the way they can use the functionality in MetaDefender Kiosk to copy clean files to trusted portable media. This is an enhancement to a feature introduced a while ago in MetaDefender Kiosk, that allows users to copy all clean files to trusted media that they provide, so that the original media does not have to be introduced to their secure environment. This helps prevent attacks from media that has been compromised to have a malicious, hidden partition, or other malicious firmware.

The enhancements to this feature in 3.3.5 allow MetaDefender Kiosk administrators to do the following:

  1. Specify that the destination media should be wiped (either by formatting or by writing over the entire media 1, 3, or 7 times) before the clean files are written to it
  2. Write files to encrypted USBs

These enhancements give administrators further flexibility in designing the right security policies and procedures for their organizations, and enable those policies to limit the use of outside media within the organization to secure, trusted, and encrypted media, and completely eliminate the need to use outside media inside their secure network.

You can download this MetaDefender Kiosk release on the OPSWAT Portal or read the full release notes.

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