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Protect your Salesforce implementation with OPSWAT Cloud Security for Salesforce

Salesforce is a popular choice for businesses to better manage customer relationships, sales, customer service, marketing analysis, etc. As your Salesforce environment lives and grows, you will need to protect all it contains - your customer data, important prospect lists, sales pipelines, and a huge volume of sensitive data shared between your internal and external users. There are two major hazards to your Salesforce environments: malware-infected files uploaded and shared by users and unsecured or disallowed devices accessing your Salesforce organization.

In this cloud ecosystem, Salesforce and the customers share responsibility for the security of the cloud. Salesforce protects various application, access, network and infrastructure. Salesforce’s customers are responsible for securing all files and their included content uploaded to the platform by their users.

All enterprises using Salesforce need a comprehensive threat prevention solution to protect their data and infrastructure from malware and other malicious cyber threats.

OPSWAT Cloud Security for Salesforce

This is an advanced cloud-based threat prevention solution designed to complement the native security capabilities of the Salesforce platform. Our solution includes two modules – one for endpoint compliance and the other for file protection. The first module called MetaAccess examines every machine for endpoint security policy compliance before granting access to Salesforce. At the same time, with MetaDefender Cloud, every file uploaded to Salesforce is scanned with multiple AV engines and sanitized with our industry-leading Deep CDR (Content Disarm and Restructure) technology to prevent both known and unknown threats from infecting your Salesforce environments.

Protect malicious files delivered to Salesforce

Every document needs to be scanned for malware and hidden malicious payloads before it is uploaded into Salesforce. It is always a possibility that one of your users unintendedly uploads an infected file and shares it with other internal users or with your partners, contractors, etc. Even if your users are already protected with an anti-malware program on their device, they could be at risk of zero-day attacks or the latest threats that the security product has not yet accounted for.

MetaDefender Cloud is a cloud-based detection and prevention solution using OPSWAT's Deep CDR for file sanitization and Multiscanning technology with the top 20+ anti-malware engines in the market.

OPSWAT Deep CDR provides comprehensive protection against both known and unknown threats, zero-day attacks, advanced persistent threats (APT), and sophisticated evasive malware. Our technology is a market leader with superior features like multi-level archive processing, accuracy of file regeneration, and support for 100+ file types, including regional-specific formats such as JTD and HWP. By sanitizing and rebuilding each file, Deep CDR effectively deactivates all file-based threats and provides threat-free files to users with full usability and functionality.

Besides, we pioneered Multiscanning to deliver enhanced protection to our customers from a variety of cyber threats. Our technology helps increase detection rates, decrease outbreak detection times, and provides resiliency for single vendor anti-malware solutions.

Assure only compliant and malware-free devices accessing Salesforce

With increasing work-from-home scenarios, managing remote access to Salesforce maybe a big challenge with your security team. You need to have clear visibility of and control over what devices are accessing Salesforce and if they're secure.

OPSWAT MetaAccess module offers secure access to Salesforce with advanced compliance checks of end-point devices. Our solution helps you reduce risks posed by unsecured devices, significantly simplifies ongoing management, and saves you time and effort in protecting the system.

MetaAccess resolves the complex BYOD ownership and remote working issues by granting each device a user identity (IdP or application username) when accessing Salesforce. This significantly increases unmanaged device control, without requiring any IT infrastructure changes, network traffic manipulation, or mobile device management.

Before accessing Salesforce, each device is inspected for OS level, security software, encryption, password, firewall settings, as well as vulnerability and patch management. If the device is compliant, the user is granted access. Otherwise, the user is prompted with a self-remediation page for easy correction.

Native Salesforce Integration & Cloud Scalability

Our solution can be easily deployed in minutes with unlimited scalability. We offer native cloud-to-cloud integration between our application and Salesforce. Integration with Salesforce greatly eases the implementation and minimizes maintenance or ongoing efforts.

Read more about OPSWAT Cloud Security for Salesforce, or see our listing in the Salesforce AppExchange.

Should you request a demo or need more detailed information, talk to an OPSWAT specialist now.

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