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Protecting Critical Infrastructure from Advanced Cyberattacks

The frequency and severity of targeted cyberattacks from organizations around the world continue to increase. The latest example is the SolarWinds hack which targeted multiple government and private organizations. While experts are still analyzing the root cause and remediation solutions, one thing is clear – organizations need to further strengthen their critical infrastructure protection to avoid becoming the next victim.

OPSWAT has been protecting critical infrastructure across a wide range of industries – including government, energy, financial services, healthcare, and manufacturing – for 18 years. Our Zero-Trust philosophy and Trust no File / Trust no Device approach has always been at the center of our solutions. A summary of how some of our products and technologies can help protect against and mitigate the damage from advanced cyberattacks is provided below.


OPSWAT Multiscanning technology enables you to deploy over 30 anti-malware engines simultaneously to significantly increase the rate of malware detection and decrease the time required to detect the threats. View the Multiscanning results from MetaDefender Cloud for [SolarWinds.Orion.Core.BusinessLayer.dll] with a file hash of [b91ce2fa41029f6955bff20079468448].

Multiscanning technologies can be employed to protect against Malicious File Uploads, weaponized Emails, file threats in cloud and local Storage, and targeted attacks in supply chain and data transfer across isolated network domains.

Vulnerability Assessment

Our Endpoint Vulnerability Assessment can uniquely detect critical vulnerabilities that lie within the software binaries using our patented approach without having the applications installed on the system. This enables early detection of any potential introduction for these unsafe binaries into your critical environment during the software supply chain inspection processes. Some of the CVEs of the FireEye’s stolen Red Team Assessment Tool can be detected by our system as shown in the following list:








Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) and Network Access Control (NAC)

Our Secure Access solutions can prevent untrusted access to your network and applications, thereby preventing an attacker from using a forged SAML assertion. If an attacker does make it into internal systems, SDP can prevent the lateral spread of the attack.

Additional Products

We also offer solutions designed specifically to address Endpoint Compliance and protect against USB based malware threats.

Here are some screenshots of OPSWAT in action:

MetaDefender Kiosk

MetaDefender Drive

MetaDefender Core


To learn more how OPSWAT can help protect your critical infrastructure, contact us today.

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