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29 security product certifications issued in Q3

September 29, 2018
It has been 11 years since we introduced the OPSWAT Certified Security Applications Program, and we are happy to announce that just in Q3 this year, OPSWAT has...

OPSWAT Partners with SKD Labs to Further Enhance OPSWAT Certification Program

January 13, 2017
OPSWAT and SKD Labs announced they will partner to enhance OPSWAT's Certified Security Application Program. Together the companies will provide the highest...

OPSWAT Partners with SE Labs to Enhance Certified Security Application Program

January 12, 2017
OPSWAT and SE Labs announced they will partner to assess the compatibility and overall quality of endpoint cyber security applications. This OPSWAT-SE Labs...

OPSWAT Releases Updated and Expanded OESIS Support Charts

November 23, 2016
Want to see which anti-malware, patch management, or encryption applications are certified by OPSWAT at a glance? We're happy to announce we've just made that...

New OPSWAT Certifications - March

April 06, 2016
OPSWAT has certified 17 new security products across 10 different categories, verifying that each of the security products below are compatible with leading...

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