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Blog Tag: OT / ICS

An Analysis of the 2021 NERC Annual Report & Planning for a Secure Future

November 04, 2022 by Matt Wiseman
The North American Electric Reliability Corporation ensures the security of assets required for operating North America’s electric system, and demonstrates a...

How the Energy Sector Can Power-Up its Portable Media Security

November 04, 2022
The energy sector frequently reports some of the highest rates of cyber incidents because of its critical nature, with portable media presenting security...

Secure and Reliable Cloud Historian Connectivity Using OPSWAT’s NetWall Security Gateway

July 18, 2022
Data Historians are widely deployed in industrial control environments to record the operational state of the environment. Historians are a time-series...

ICYMI: The OPSWAT CyberTrailer Launch Event

May 16, 2022 by Hai Ho
In case you missed it, OPSWAT launched the world’s first critical infrastructure protection (CIP) mobile lab in Tampa, FL, last quarter. The interactive mobile...

Visit the OPSWAT CyberTrailer at SOFIC in Tampa, FL

May 10, 2022
The OPSWAT CyberTrailer is coming to the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC), the most important opportunity for the SOF community to...

Code War & Defending Critical Infrastructure

March 21, 2022 by Oren T. Dvoskin
As ransomware attacks reach record-breaking highs, the lines between nation-state threat actors and other highly motivated attackers have been blurred....

OPSWAT Wins Globee® Award in the 2022 Cyber Security Global Excellence Awards®

March 14, 2022 by Bao Tran
OPSWAT named a gold winner in the Zero Day |Attack & Exploit Detection & Prevention category...

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