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MetaAccess新バージョン: エンドポイントセキュリティとセキュアアクセス

September 30, 2020
OPSWATは、複数のソリューションを 1つのプラットフォームに統合した MetaAccessの進化版を発表しました。この単一プラットフォームのアプローチにより、複雑さが軽減されると同時に、エンドポイントとネットワークアクセスのセキュリティが向上し、アプリケーションやデータがどこにあってもアクセスできるようになります。...

OPSWAT Products Now Available on GSA Schedule

August 04, 2020
OPSWAT announced today our products are now available on the GSA Multiple Award Schedule through Oct 22, 2024. GSA delivers federal, state, and local...

Working from Home (WFH) in Government - Key Takeaways from Former CTOs of the DIA and CIA

May 22, 2020
On May 13th OPSWAT and Carahsoft hosted a live webinar where I moderated a panel of former CTOs from the US Intelligence Agencies - Bob Flores, former CTO of...

Making the Shoemaker walk Barefoot – the emerging hackers’ sport

November 06, 2019
Hackers are doing their best to hack brand name cyber vendors and make them sweat. And the latest victim is… Avast with the second time their popular...

OPSWAT Certified Security Application, April 2019 update

April 30, 2019 by Hamid Karimi
OPSWAT Certified Security Application, April 2019 update...

OPSWAT Selected as SC Media 2019 Trust Award Finalist

January 08, 2019
OPSWAT®, a global provider of solutions that protect organizations from content and device based threats, today announced that MetaAccess® has been recognized...

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