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The Evolution of OPSWAT Academy: Taking Proactive Steps to Close the Critical Infrastructure Protection Skills Gap

The world needs more Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) Cybersecurity experts. While there is a marked increase in both IT and OT cybersecurity threats, there is a shortage of qualified people to combat those threats. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, over the next decade, cybersecurity will be among the top 20 fastest-growing occupation demands, with a need to fill 16,300 information security analyst roles in the US alone. The ability to meet this demand requires accessible and effective ongoing training.

As the global leader in CIP solutions, OPSWAT is committed to closing this gap and providing premier training to both cybersecurity professionals and those looking to enter the cybersecurity field by arming them with practical skills and business-tested practices. This has been the goal of OPSWAT Academy since its inception in 2019, and just as cyber threats and best security practices evolve, so has our Academy training program.

Today I am excited to announce the launch of our next iteration of OPSWAT Academy, offering interactive courses in eight distinct subject areas within CIP Cybersecurity. Each course within the curriculum is modular, interactive, and has a reference repository to help students improve knowledge retention. Academy 3.0 builds on basic cybersecurity principles and teaches professionals to apply this expertise to critical infrastructure environments. These courses are free and can be accessed anytime and anywhere, making it easier than ever for cybersecurity professionals to increase their knowledge and skillset to fill roles and grow their careers in mission-critical jobs.

While several certifications and professional training courses exist to help educate aspiring and veteran CIP cybersecurity professionals, many of them are sector-specific, don’t produce enough job-ready workers, or tend to focus too much on concepts and theories rather than practical workforce training and development. Academy 3.0 will not only offer an impactful curriculum, but it will also help to close the cybersecurity skills gap that is so prevalent in the industry today.

Watch the launch event below!

For more information on Academy 3.0 and to register for the free CIP training, visit OPSWAT Cybersecurity Academy. 

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