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There's a New SaaS in Town: OPSWAT at Dreamforce 2017

OPSWAT Dreamforce 2017 - There's a New SaaS in Town - Come to Booth 127

At Dreamforce this year, OPSWAT will look to show companies how they can put a cyber security moat around their SaaS applications with MetaAccess.

MetaAccess is our new cloud security solution that enforces compliance, checks endpoints for malware, and restricts access to SaaS applications and cloud resources if an endpoint becomes noncompliant or infected.

We leveraged our decade-plus of experience creating and supporting endpoint security and management software to build MetaAccess, and the product is uniquely effective and extremely well-suited for keeping SaaS applications like Salesforce secure.

Dreamforce is held each year at the Moscone Center in downtown San Francisco, there will be over 2,700 sessions and nearly 200,000 attendees. Big-name speakers will present at the conference speakers from past years include Al Gore and Melinda Gates.

Moscone Center San Francisco Exterior

"Moscone Center, San Francisco (2013)" by Another BelieverLicensed under CC BY-SA 3.0, cropped

Find out why there's a new SaaS in town on Monday, November 6th at booth #127.


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