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Total Defense AV engine to be replaced in Metascan; This will affect your MetaDefender deployment

On September 21 there will be a change to your MetaDefender (for Windows) deployment: the Total Defense AV engine in the Metascan package (i.e. the AV multi-scanning package within MetaDefender) will be replaced by a new AV engine. Depending on your MetaDefender configuration options and your specific administration preferences, there might be steps your MetaDefender administrator will need to take to ensure continued optimal usability of your deployment.

Replacing Total Defense for an online MetaDefender deployment

If your MetaDefender deployment is online, the new engine and updated license keys will be applied to your deployment automatically on September 21. No specific action is required from you UNLESS you want to control the timing of this update process on your deployment, in which case please contact OPSWAT Support as soon as possible so that we can provide you a new license key and flag your deployment to be excluded from auto-replacing the new AV engine until you to apply the license at the time convenient to you. (Note that after September 30 there will be no more signature updates for Total Defense)

Replacing Total Defense for an offline MetaDefender deployment

If you have an offline MetaDefender deployment, your administrator will need to regenerate the license file and apply it after September 21st using the same process originally used to apply the license file. If you need guidance on how to regenerate and/or apply an offline license, please contact OPSWAT Support. (Note that if you regenerate and apply the license before September 21st it will not result in the new AV engine replacement, and you will need to do it again after the 21st)

Make sure you are using an Update Downloader version that does not require a dedicated license

For those of you with offline deployments, we want to remind you that all Update Downloader releases since May, 2019 no longer require a dedicated Update Downloader license. You simply need to upload the offline generated license file for your MetaDefender product in the Inventory > Products section of the Update Downloader. If you are still using an old deployment of Update Downloader that requires dedicated license, we urge you to upgrade to the latest release to assure seamless integration with the new Metascan package.

Removing the Total Defense listing in the MD Management Console and in Scan Results

If you would like to remove Total Defense from your AV list in the MetaDefender Management Console and in the scan results reports, please follow the steps listed in our engine cleanup instructions.

Note that this is NOT a required step for system stability, functionality, or performance. If you choose to skip this step, you will see Total Defense listed in the MetaDefender Management Console as an inactive engine and see it listed in scan results with a status of “Not Scanned” (see screenshots below). This is because the MetaDefender inventory database keeps a record of all AV engines that were deployed in a package.


Q: Why is OPSWAT replacing Total Defense?

A: OPSWAT has terminated its partnership with Total Defense, Inc, and we therefore need to replace all Total Defense products from MetaDefender. Furthermore, Total Defense will stop providing signature updates to OPSWAT on September 30. After that, even remaining “active” deployments of Total Defense within Metascan will not have up-to-date signatures.

Q: What happens if we don’t follow the steps outlined above?

A: If you have an online deployment, it will automatically be updated with the replacement AV engine on September 21. If you have an offline deployment, it will continue to run Total Defense as an “active” engine, but you will stop getting signature updates after September 30. You also will not be legally licensed to be using the product

Q: If we use MetaDefender for Linux, will we be affected?

A: This does not affect MetaDefender for Linux. Metascan packages on MetaDefender for Linux have not had Total Defense as an AV engine for over a year, so no update is required on it.

Q: What is the AV engine that is replacing Total Defense?

A: The replacement engine you will see depends on which package of Metascan you are using (i.e. Metascan 8, 12, 16, 20, Max). You can review which AV engines are in each package at Simply click on the “Metascan” layer of the MetaDefender stack

Q: What if I need more clarification on executing any of the above steps?

A: For any clarifications, questions or requests, we encourage you to reach out to your sales representative or OPSWAT Support. We look forward to talking to you!

Should you have any further questions or concerns, please contact OPSWAT Support. We are always happy to assist.

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