Video: A Closer Look at Arbit and OPSWAT's Joint Solution

Last month, we attended the NIAS Cyber Security Symposium in Mons, Belgium with our partners from Arbit Security. Arbit, providers of a one-way data diode, have integrated their product with our MetaDefender product in order to provide secure data flow for high-security networks such as military organizations or nuclear facilities. MetaDefender allows files contained on portable media devices such as USBs to be checked for threats before they are allowed to enter the diode. In order to determine whether it is safe for files to enter the diode, Metascan®, our multi-scanning solution performs a check for malware.

MetaDefender can also thoroughly scan all portable media files for malware, and securely transfer allowed files into the secure, air-gapped network through Arbit's data diode. To learn more about the joint solution, please watch the video below or register for our upcoming webinar to learn more about secure file transfer.

Click to play video

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