WinMagic Receives Gold Certification from OPSWAT

WinMagic Gold Certification Hard Disk Encryption

The OPSWAT Certified Security Application Program has awarded Gold certification to WinMagic for Hard Disk Encryption. Originally launched in 2007, OPSWAT's certification program currently supports over 1,000 applications from various anti-malware engines to ensure their compatibility with all leading access control solutions, their detection quality, and their false positive responsiveness.

WinMagic is an award-winning encryption and intelligent key management security solution provider. SecureDoc 7.5, WinMagic's latest software release for hard disk encryption, has been granted OPSWAT Gold certification. SecureDoc is WinMagic's comprehensive drive encryption product that secures data-at-rest, providing full drive encryption for endpoint devices. The solution has two main components: the client software used to encrypt and decrypt data, and the server software.

OPSWAT awarded certification to WinMagic after determining that SecureDoc 7.5 met a number of strict criteria for compatibility with leading access control solutions. OPSWAT will list WinMagic as a Gold Certified security vendor on

OPSWAT developed the Certified Security Application Program in 2007 after compiling compatibility requirements from over 50 OPSWAT OEM customers, including industry-leading NAC, CASB, SSO, and SSL-VPN solutions from vendors such as Citrix, Pulse Secure, Cisco, IBM, and Dell. The certification program is meant to help IT administrators find compatible and effective applications for their security stack. The program also helps endpoint security applications vendors who want to certify regularly.

OPSWAT Certification Manager Cristina Stet said, "This Gold certification for SecureDoc 7.5 from WinMagic recognizes the application as one of the highest-quality encryption products on the market. OPSWAT is excited to certify this hard disk encryption product. We recommend that all security application vendors get certified by OPSWAT for quality assurance, and that IT administrators consult our website for OPSWAT-certified products."

"Receiving OPSWAT's Gold Certification for SecureDoc 7.5 is an important achievement for WinMagic," said Garry McCracken, Vice-President - Technology Partnerships, WinMagic. "Meeting OPSWAT's certification standards signals our continued success in developing top-grade encryption solutions for securing customer endpoints, and our dedication to meeting the industry's compatibility needs."

Learn more about the OPSWAT certification program here. OPSWAT certified security applications are listed on this page.

About WinMagic

Based in Mississauga, Ontario, WinMagic provides key management for all encryption needs. With the leading SecureDoc product line, WinMagic continues to provide easy-to-use and robust data security solutions for wherever data is stored, providing enterprise grade encryption and key management policies for all operating systems. For more information, please visit or call 1-888-879-5879.


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