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Meet the OPSWAT CyberTrailer

See firsthand how malware affects operational technology

OPSWAT delivers zero-trust protection for the world's critical infrastructure systems, with comprehensive security platforms, technology, and training that help protect our way of life.

With the OPSWAT CyberTrailer, you’ll see how OPSWAT’s platform and technology mitigate threats from live attacks on real equipment used in industrial control system (ICS) environments.

See these platforms and technology live when you book the OPSWAT CyberTrailer for a company demonstration or educational event.

OPSWAT comes to you — we bring the convenience of protecting critical infrastructure to your fingertips, in an interactive mobile lab experience!

Experience Real-world
OT Cybersecurity Challenges

Test Removable Media Threats Through Real Attack Simulations

Any time portable media accesses secure environments, critical infrastructure risks exposure. Software updates, reports, and audits all require external data sources:

  • See how USBs can contain major malware threats
  • Watch malware explode and its consequences
  • Learn how to mitigate this common attack vector
  • Discover why multi-scanning alone is not reliable

Evaluate Position in Industry Compliance

With continuously evolving regulatory requirements and executive orders, all industries are being impacted by the risk of large fines — or even being shut down:

  • Review compliance requirements to avoid fines
  • See why compliance is an important piece to protecting critical infrastructure and your OT assets
  • Learn how to detect software components manufactured by foreign adversaries

Transferring Data Into, Across and Out of Protected Networks

Learn how to unidirectionally ingest data, and gain access to real-time operational information without compromising security:

  • Learn how to mitigate exposure when transferring files
  • Experience what happens when transfers are breached
  • Observe secure communication happen between OT and IT enviornments

Encounter OT Asset Vulnerabilities

PLCs and SCADA devices are at risk to vulnerabilities through a variety of attack vectors. Watch firsthand what can happen when malware infects your OT assets:

  • Run through critical infrastructure attack simulations
  • See firsthand how malware infects and disrupts operational technology
  • Learn how to mitigate these risks and protect OT assets from malware

Explore the OPSWAT CyberTrailer

See the OPSWAT CyberTrailer in action

OPSWAT CyberTrailer is heading to an OT site near you. Book the OPSWAT CyberTrailer for your company demonstration or educational cyber event today.

  • Live demonstration in our mobile lab onsite
  • Interactive training for OT professionals on cyber impact for Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP)
  • Demo of common use cases for critical infrastructure attacks
  • Visuals of each layer protected in your architecture

Don’t let cyber threats infiltrate your OT networks. Insist on uncompromising security. See it in action with the OPSWAT CyberTrailer.

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