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OPSWAT Acquires Impulse, Delivering NAC and SDP Capabilities

The threat landscape has changed for good. Cyberattacks continue to evolve in both sophistication and frequency, while remote work and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies have blurred the network perimeter and permanently transformed security operations.

Trust no file. Trust no device.

The Evolution of Zero Trust

That’s why, as pioneers of the Zero Trust philosophy, we are extending our philosophy of Trust No File, Trust No Device to include Network Trust. Through our acquisition of Impulse, OPSWAT has added award-winning network access control (NAC) and software defined perimeter (SDP) capabilities into our technology arsenal.

Same Service, More Protection

Now, in addition to our flagship advanced threat prevention platform MetaDefender, our customers can:

  • Deploy and manage NAC settings from a single console
  • Maintain consistent policy administration
  • Facilitate the enforcement of access controls
  • Replace vulnerable VPN access points with advanced SDP functionality
  • Automatically determine the compliance state of all endpoint devices

Stop trusting any file, any device, or any network - and put your trust in OPSWAT to protect your mission critical organization.

Use cybersecurity that works