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OPSWAT Endpoint Security Certification

The OPSWAT Endpoint Security Certification is a service that verifies compatibility and effectiveness of endpoint next-gen antimalware, antimalware and disk encryption products. Its purpose is to ensure that applications are compatible with over 100 market-leading access control solutions (such as OPSWAT MetaAccess, Cisco Anyconnect, VMware UAG/Horizon, among others) and the effectiveness of these security applications to protect the endpoints with a high degree of confidence.

OPSWAT established the Endpoint Security Certification to enhance the quality and security of OPSWAT Endpoint Security SDK, which powers the access control solutions mentioned above. Together, MetaAccess and OPSWAT Endpoint Security SDK protect over 100 million enterprise endpoints.

Certification Levels & Criteria

The Endpoint Security Certification awards Gold- and Platinum-level certification based on two primary criteria: (1) compatibility with access control solutions, and (2) security effectiveness of products, verifying that products deliver on their claimed features. Details about status checks performed to verify compatibility and effectiveness are described in detail under the “Compatibility” and “Effectiveness” sections of this page.

Risks of Using Non-Certified Products

Productivity Loss

OPSWAT has observed that enterprises that knowingly or unknowingly have non-certified antimalware and disk encryption applications, face debilitating access denial problems. OPSWAT works with both access control vendors and their customers to resolve these issues through testing and awarding certifications. The surest way to attain secure data access is to run an audit of security applications and make sure only the certified products are present.

Using non-certified products can result in productivity loss. Examples of productivity loss risks include:

  • Devices can be blocked when using access control solutions
  • Support tickets and sales escalations generate organizational headache

Security Issues

The problems with rogue, misconfigured or ineffective applications create another blind spot for IT teams. OPSWAT uses methods that verify endpoints' digital hygiene and establish device trust to avoid these operational issues.

Using non-certified products can result in security issues such as:

  • The device could be hosting a rogue antimalware product
  • The antimalware or disk encryption product may not be configured correctly
  • The antimalware or disk encryption product may be ineffective in more secure settings

Program Marketing Benefits

  • Reduced customer support tickets
  • Issuance of a certification badge that can be used for showcasing certifications
  • Joint marketing opportunities with OPSWAT
    • Inclusion in OPSWAT Antimalware Market Share Reports
    • OPSWAT Blog coverage
    • OPSWAT newsletter coverage
    • Visibility of certification on
    • Inclusion on OPSWAT OEM customers’ support charts (see Cisco example)

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