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AppRemover Module

Remove Non-Complaint and Vulnerable Applications

The Application Removal Module enables software engineers to create solutions that cleanly remove over 2,000 versions of popular enterprise and consumer applications without end user interaction.



Remove all traces of endpoint applications, including registry entries, temporary folders and any file left behind during the uninstallation process, even when the password is unknown or when the application file is corrupted.


Develop solutions which keep your customers’ end-users focused and productive, while assuring a secure and compliant working environment, by removing undesired applications silently and completely from their workstations, without any user interaction.


Detect and remove many types of applications including:

  • Legacy antimalware or security suite products which conflict with optimal performance of the replacement solution.
  • Unsanctioned applications which may violate secure computing policies of end user organizations deploying your solution. Examples of products which can be removed include many public file sharing products and widely installed (but frequently vulnerable) applications such as Oracle Java or Adobe Acrobat.


Implement scripts, by leveraging the CLI functionality, or integrate into your product, by using the C++ APIs offered by the module, to allow for an easy distribution across all the endpoints that need to remove unwanted software applications.

Technical Insights

Removal process flow

Understand how the AppRemover module performs the uninstallation of the products.

Supported Applications


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