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Advanced Endpoint Protection

Advanced Endpoint Protection goes beyond standard compliance checks to provide unique technologies to increase your security posture. Multiscanning is a Threat Prevention technology, leveraging the ability to use multiple antimalware engines for hash lookups and file scanning, greatly increasing the odds of near zero day detection of malicious activity. Anti-Keylogger prevents key strokes, while Screen Capture Protection ensures no one would be able to Print Screen to capture the content on a screen.

Together, these technologies add to the capabilities in the MetaAccess Platform including: compliance, advanced malware detection, vulnerability and patch management, managing both potentially unwanted applications and removable media, for a comprehensive approach.

Threat Prevention

Advanced Threat Prevention with Simultaneous Antimalware Engines

Multiscanning is an advanced threat detection and prevention technology that increases detection rates, decreases outbreak detection times and provides resiliency to antimalware vendor issues. OPSWAT pioneered the concept of Multiscanning files with over 30 antimalware engines available to deliver enhanced protection from a variety of cyber threats.

Signature-based, heuristics-based, and machine learning detection methods are not perfect. Single antimalware engines detect at best up to 91.8 percent of common cyber threats, and the majority of them only have a 40 to 80 percent detection rate.

How it works

Research shows that as more antimalware engines are added, malware detection rates improve, since each engine may not detect certain types of threats. Each individual engine specializes in different categories. Since each antimalware engine uses different algorithms, malware analysts are in different time zones and different geographically-based labs, the value of combining multiple antimalware engines significantly increases detection.

As shown in our Multiscanning test of more than 10,000 of the most active threats, we achieved over 95 percent detection with 12 combined engines, over 97 percent detection with 16 engines, and over 99 percent detection with 20 or more engines.


With MetaAccess Threat Prevention, there is increased ability to get to near zero-day detection, reduce outbreak exposure times and false positives with minimal performance impact. Because Multiscanning requires multiple antimalware engines from various vendors, cost is a factor. However, we partner with vendors to deliver optimized Multiscanning engine package options to provide beneficial Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) over time.

Serving as a single point of contact, we reduce complexity in multiple scanning deployments for our global client base of government entities and organizations in virtually every industry including other security firms, aerospace and defense, healthcare services, critical infrastructure, and supply chain manufacturing.


Keystroke loggers are designed to steal the high-value information that the user inputs for nefarious purposes. MetaAccess Advanced Endpoint Compliance prevents keyloggers and advanced malware from accessing sensitive data by intercepting and encrypting keystrokes and providing real-time protection against monitoring programs, trojans and spyware. This technology can protect against malicious behavior both On-premise and for Work from Home or Remote Workers.

How it works

It works with an Anti-Keylogger Driver which intercepts low-level keyboard events, encrypts them, and then uses an anti-keylogger decryption hook for decoding before it sends the keystrokes to the application. The Driver encrypts the keystrokes and sends the events to the operating system event bus where the Decryption Hook decodes the keystrokes and sends the keystrokes to the application.

User Experience

There is no delay for the user when typing with this feature turned on. This solution is an overlay without any configuration changes. And importantly, it supports current and future cyber security risks.

Screen Capture Protection

MetaAccess prevents malicious and accidental screenshots. It prevents unauthorized or accidental screenshots and recording by users, VDI, web collaboration tools, and malicious applications.

When a process tries to capture or record the screen, this protection hook will block the request, which can optionally allow only certain windows to be captured. Screen Capture Protection supports current and future malware threats as well as data loss issues from web collaboration tools such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Cisco WebEx, and others.

How it works

MetaAccess monitors each running process. When a process tries to capture or record the screen, the Screen Capture Protection hook will block the request. This hook can, optionally, allow only certain windows to be captured.


This function is a small footprint on the device (less than 10 MB on disk) and supports current and future malware threats. It protects against data loss issues from web collaboration tools such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Cisco WebEx, and others.

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