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Vulnerability Detection

MetaAccess can detect vulnerable applications on endpoints and deny access to vulnerable devices. Using a scoring system based on OPSWAT and CVSS scores, MetaAccess provides visibility into the severity of vulnerable applications installed organization-wide as well as per device and provides information on recommended remediation.

Block Devices with Critical Vulnerabilities

Using MetaDefender’s file-based vulnerability assessment technology, MetaAccess can check for vulnerabilities in installed applications and block access for vulnerable devices as specified in the configured policies.

Gain Insight into File-based Vulnerable Applications

MetaAccess provides an overview of the severity of vulnerabilities found per device as well as organization-wide.

Detailed Information per Application

For each application, MetaAccess provides detailed information about which vulnerabilities were found, severity level, OPSWAT score, CVSS 2.0 and CVSS 3.0 score.

Detailed Information per Device

For each device, MetaAccess provides detailed information about the vulnerabilities as well as how to remediate. Administrators can set a policy to specify the score threshold that indicates whether a device is considered non-compliant.