Cloud Security for Salesforce

Secure Device and File Access for Salesforce

Your Salesforce CRM contains valuable, sensitive data that is vulnerable to leakage and theft. The shared responsibility model between Salesforce and users requires your organization to secure your instance of Salesforce to meet your security, contractual and regulatory obligations.

Integrating an advanced threat prevention solution into your Salesforce platform helps security professionals to manage and protect the confidentiality of customer data on Salesforce. OPSWAT Cloud Security for Salesforce scans every file uploaded to your platform for malware and checks that every device connected to your network meets your security standards.

Our Cloud Security for Salesforce application is now available on the Salesforce App Exchange

Cloud Security for Salesforce uses a rich set of file upload security technologies to prevent malware and potentially malicious content from being uploaded to your Salesforce CRM.

This capability is particularly important for any organization that uses the Experience Cloud platform to provide outside access to their Salesforce instance for customers, partners, or contractors.

Our endpoint security feature inspects every device for endpoint security policy compliance before granting access to Salesforce.

This technology recognizes devices that are on your network and blocks any unauthorized or non-compliant access. It adds a vital layer of protection when users work from home or any situation where devices have remote access to your Salesforce CRM.


Achieve Over 99% Threat Detection Accuracy

While a single AV engine only detects 40%-80% of known threats, our Multiscanning technology leverages 20+ leading anti-malware engines, combining signatures, heuristics, and machine learning.

This improves detection of known threats to over 99% and provides the most effective protection against malware outbreaks.

Secure Against Zero-Day Attacks and Advanced Evasive Malware

Cloud Security for Salesforce utilizes Deep Content Disarm and Reconstruction (Deep CDR) which effectively prevents both known and unknown threats hidden in documents by removing all executable content.

Deep CDR sanitizes and reconstructs over 100 common file types, including .pdf, .docx, and images, then delivers safe files within seconds.

Endpoint Vulnerability Assessment

Our Endpoint Vulnerability Assessment provides comprehensive device inspection by blocking non-compliant, malware-infected, and vulnerable devices. You can feel confident that only trusted devices access your Salesforce environment.

Device Compliance Check

Checking device compliance is a smooth and straightforward process. If the device is compliant, the user is granted access. Otherwise, the user is prompted with a self-remediation page for easy correction. Your administrators can check password settings, operating system versions, firewall settings, and more.


Benefits of OPSWAT Cloud Security for Salesforce

Native Salesforce Integration

Integration is easily completed in a few minutes. Our application is listed on the Salesforce App Exchange platform and helps protect your Salesforce environments from the most advanced malware while maintaining a smooth end-user experience.

Cloud Scalability

Whether your users are uploading one file or hundreds, our high-performance cloud architecture allows you to scale to any volume of usage as your requirements change.

Secure Salesforce with Advanced Threat Prevention and Compliance Technologies

Our advanced threat prevention technologies secure against malware hidden in files and help maintain device compliance.

Centralized Control and Visualization Report

A dynamic dashboard provides complete visibility and management tools from one interface. The dashboard displays real-time reports and detailed analytics, providing a comprehensive view of your Salesforce environment and threat landscape at a glance.

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