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MetaDefender Core Container

Automated Deployment and Operability for Advanced Threat Prevention

The adoption of containers has shifted the paradigm from monolithic applications to the modern distributed microservices architecture. Containers allow organizations to scale on-demand, ensure uniformity across different deployment environments, and lower resource consumption.

MetaDefender Core Container gives you the ability to deploy an advanced multi-layered cybersecurity platform in a containerized ecosystem.

By automating deployment and removing any environment-specific dependencies, MetaDefender Core Container allows you to focus on what matters most: scrutinize every file for malware and vulnerabilities, sanitize with Deep CDR (Content Disarm and Reconstruction) to prevent zero-day attacks and APT (Advanced Persistent Threats), and protect sensitive information with Proactive DLP (Data Loss Prevention) technology.

Protect. Automate. Scale.

  • Protect against zero-day and advanced targeted attacks
  • Scan files with top 30+ antivirus engines to detect over 99% of malware
  • Detect and address file-based vulnerabilities before they are installed
  • Recursively sanitize 100+ file types with market-leading Deep CDR technology to remove 100% of potential threats
  • Protect sensitive and confidential information in files from wrongful dissemination
  • Automated deployment and operability simplify integration and maintenance—resulting in significantly lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)
  • Remove the complexity and ambiguity caused by the ‘outside world’. Isolation from the OS environment mitigates potential conflicts caused by hidden dependencies.
  • Easy horizontal scaling. Respond to load spikes by scaling only the required services.

Automate and Scale Out MetaDefender Core with Docker

Automated Deployment for Stateless Applications

Directly pull an existing image with all built-in dependencies—ensuring the application will run the same on any machine. Achieve uniformity across different environments by isolation from the OS level. Prevent resource conflicts with other applications to achieve a truly scalable system that uses resources only when needed.

Horizontally Scale On-Demand

Use fewer startup resources and respond to spikes. Flexibly install and deploy multiple MetaDefender Core across different environments and operating systems.

Low System Requirements

The lightweight, easy-to-deploy solution saves overall costs on infrastructure, operation, and maintenance to help you achieve a much lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). There is no need to provision and maintain resource-intensive VMs to launch and run MetaDefender Core Container.

MetaDefender Core Container Features and Benefits

Achieve Over 99% Malware Threat Detection

Simultaneous analysis using over 30 leading anti-malware engines achieves over 99% malware detection rates. This significantly improves outbreak detection times and provides the earliest protection against malware outbreaks.

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Prevent Zero-Day Attacks and Evasive Malware

Prevent Zero-Day attacks, Advanced Persistent Threats (APT), and other targeted attacks using OPSWAT’s Deep CDR (Content Disarm and Reconstruction) technology for preventing both known and unknown threats by sanitizing and reconstructing files. Any possible embedded threats are neutralized while maintaining full usability with safe content.

Deep CDR supports sanitization for over 100 common file types.

Sensitive and Secret Data Block for Compliance Risk Mitigation

Detect, redact, remove watermark, or block sensitive and confidential data in files with OPSWAT’s Proactive DLP (Data Loss Prevention) technology. Content check over 70 file types for sensitive and confidential content and prevent potential regulatory compliance violations.

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Application and File-Based Vulnerability Assessment

Use OPSWAT’s patented technology to detect application and file based vulnerabilities before they are installed, or quickly examine running applications and their loaded libraries for vulnerabilities.

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