Anti-Screen Capture

Prevent malicious and accidental screenshots

The OESIS Framework Anti-Screen Capture SDK prevents unauthorized or accidental screenshots and recording by users, VDI, web collaboration tools, and malicious applications.

Product Overview - Protect confidential information

A short demonstration of the OESIS Anti-Screen Capture

How it works

  • OESIS Anti-Screen Capture service monitors each running process 
  • When a process tries to capture or record the screen, the OESIS Anti-Screen Capture hook will block the request 
  • The OESIS Anti-Screen Capture hook can, optionally, allow only certain windows to be captured


  • Small footprint (less than 10 MB on disk)
  • Supports current and future malware threats 
  • Protects against data loss issues from web collaboration tools such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Cisco WebEx, and others 


  • OESIS Anti-Screen Capture Services: monitors running processes 
  • OESIS Anti-Screen Capture hook: prevents the screen capture

Supported Platforms 

  • Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10
  • macOS (coming soon)


  • Enable / Disable the Anti-Screen Capture for applications and users
  • Allow / Hide specific applications from Anti-Screen Capture software 
  • Offers support for applications using GDI or DirectX to capture the screen


  • C++ libraries 
  • Simple JSON in, JSON out protocol for invoking the functionalities

Prevention not based on detection

OPSWAT prevents screen capturing from accessing sensitive data

Protected with OPSWAT

Technical Insight - Data Flow Demonstration

Understand the functions, variables, the data flow and the different settings that enable or disable screen capture.