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OESIS Monitor

OESIS Monitor is a cloud data service that monitors the update status of machine learning and signature-based antimalware products. Across all vendors monitored globally an update occurs every 10 minutes.

Through integration with OESIS Monitor, OEM customer solutions can determine the antimalware product on the endpoint is completely up-to-date, and if not, how many updates behind it is. OEM customers can offer solutions which allow administrators to set flexible endpoint compliance policies with respect to antimalware protection. For some organizations only the endpoints running the very latest in antimalware protection are compliant, for others being within a few updates of the most current may suffice.

OESIS Monitor is available for the following programming interfaces:

  • C++ on Windows and Linux operating systems

  • JAVA on Windows operating systems

OPSWAT also offers Update Verify, a cross platform utility available as source code or libraries, to perform a comparison between OESIS Monitor data and endpoint status information provided by OESIS Framework. This utility lets customers easily enhance their products to determine the up-to-date status of installed antivirus and antispyware applications.

Update Verify Example

Update Verify checks for discrepancies between the current status information pulled from endpoint applications by OESIS Framework and the applications' latest definition update information, provided by OESIS Monitor. By comparing the information from these two sources against a policy set by the customer (e.g. endpoint may be 3 definitions behind), Update Verify can determine whether an endpoint antivirus or antispyware application is considered up to date.