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OESIS Customer Snapshot

Catawba College

Established in 1851, Catawba College is one of the oldest colleges in the United States. Located in the historic city of Salisbury, North Carolina, Catawba is a private, four-year college with 1,305 students and 300 faculty and staff.

Customer Challenges

Catawba College provides high speed network access to approximately 1305 students. To protect the network from user PCs infected with malware, the college uses a proprietary network access control solution based on FreeRadius to allow only PCs running an approved endpoint security solution to touch the network. Recently the college decided to implement Kaspersky Antivirus for Workstations as the approved standard. Implementing Kaspersky Lab as the standard would require the uninstallation of a wide variety of security applications already used by students to avoid operating system instability associated with driver collisions of multiple security applications installed on the same PC.

The college wanted to avoid requiring students to manually uninstall legacy applications, as previous migrations had resulted in a high level of support calls for its 2-person dedicated help desk staff. In addition, the college determined that neither the standard Windows uninstall utility nor Kaspersky Lab was robust and reliable enough to detect and completely uninstall the wide variety of endpoint security applications on user PCs.

OPSWAT Solution

Students attempting to connect to the college network are first required to install a custom installer that all students ran to verify themselves against the Catawba College residential network access controller, based on FreeRadius and Kaspersky Lab.

AppRemover, now part of the OESIS Framework, completely uninstalls legacy security applications without requiring the user to perform any special steps such as rebooting, providing a user name and password, or running in Safe Mode. Uninstall by AppRemover is complete, meaning information frequently left behind by using either the standard Windows uninstall utility or utilities provided by the legacy security application vendor is removed by AppRemover. In the case of security applications this additional cleanup by AppRemover is a powerful feature because information left behind by the legacy security application may waste resources (e.g. CPU and disk space), report incorrect status to the Windows Security Center (e.g. reporting an antivirus is installed and running when that is not the case), and even prevent the stable install of the replacement security application. Catawba’s integration leveraged an application exclusion feature which permitted students already running Kaspersky Lab to keep it, and also to keep any security applications lacking real time protection drivers (which would not conflict with Kaspersky Lab drivers).

With limited IT staff resources it was important that the detection and uninstallation procedures we required came in an easily deployable, error-free package. AppRemover delivered a high quality, lightweight and robust solution to the problems involved with transitioning to a single application from the myriad of security programs installed by our user base.

Adam Sewell
Network Administrator, Catawba College


725 PCs transitioned during a short period from roughly 12 legacy security applications to Kaspersky Lab. Migration process is done every semester, but the typical rush period is at the beginning of the Fall semester. Fewer help desk inquiries were received than in previous semesters, despite the rush period.

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