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Gadi Margalit, CISO, Shva Israel Shares his Success with MetaDefender

Dan Lanir, VP of Customer Success at OPSWAT, interviews guest speaker Gadi Marglit, CIO of Automatic Bank Services Ltd. (Shva), after presenting his customer testimonial at OPSWAT Cyber Security Seminar Israel 2018. Gadi speaks to his success utilizing OPSWAT for their Multi-scanning and data sanitization (CDR) solutions.

Gadi Marglit tells us that stability, reliability, and reduced false positives (accuracy) are critical for the success of his businesses. He was reassured that he was able to implement a reliable solution that met all these criteria in less than 2 weeks by using OPSWAT’s MetaDefender advanced threat prevention platform, after spending a year with a competitive solution that did not meet his needs, and worse was not stable.

"The only regret I have is why I didn't do it sooner. We [Shva] spent more than a year fighting with the system [a competitive product] trying to make it work and we finished our implementation [with OPSWAT] and everything in less than two weeks", Gadi Margalit, CISO, Shva Israel.

OPSWAT also has a highly configurable CDR solution one that completely met Gadi's requirements for data sanitization. "We wanted a tool that did sanitization. This is the most important thing...no scripts, strip it", Gadi Margalit, CISO, Shva Israel.

Shva is one of the primary payment and settlement systems in Israel, handling nearly 90% of financial security monitoring for payment system risks with oversight across credits, debits, payment transfers, payment card services, and ATM’s. Shva has oversight into financial payment monitoring for the most essential retail services accessed by consumers for the Bank of Israel.