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Endpoint Application Removal

Powerful Technology to Remediate Endpoint Security and Compliance Issues

Installed endpoint applications can cause serious security risks to any organization. Potentially Unwanted Applications (PUAs) can be a backdoor for vulnerabilities. Applications that rely on certain files and registry settings can become non-functional or irremovable if any of those files or settings are missing or corrupted. Removing such applications can be difficult, due to password protection, incomplete removal by the application's own uninstaller, or forced end user interaction. OPSWAT Endpoint Application Removal technology addresses this by silently detecting and completely removing applications that cause security risks.

Capabilities and Benefits

This powerful technology supports the removal of anti-malware, personal firewall, anti-phishing, public file sharing clients, botware, toolbars, adware, backup or cloud-sync applications, potential unwanted applications, and corrupted applications. It cleanly removes over 2,000 application versions of both enterprise and consumer software without any end user interaction, including antivirus programs that conflict with an organizations' security policy. To ensure a totally clean uninstall, even when the uninstaller leaves files behind, our Endpoint Application Removal technology removes files, folders, and settings from the following locations:

  • Windows Registry
  • Windows OS-specific locations (Program Files, Program Files (x86), Program Data, AppData)
  • Mac OS-specific locations (Applications)
  • Any other location that the uninstalled program stores files or folders

To see a complete list of supported applications, click here.

OPSWAT Products That Use This Technology

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